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Performance measurement and service management expert

Welcome to the professional world of Diego Berea, where you can find information and updates about his work as a consultant, trainer, author, and speaker. Diego specializes in IT service management (ISO 20000, ITIL) and performance measurement and visualization (IBCS, ISO 24896).

In the realm of wine, Diego serves as a coach in blind wine tasting technique, assisting both enthusiasts and professionals in preparing for the and WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines.



Explore the insightful publications of Diego Berea. All books are available in English and Spanish and can be purchased on Amazon or directly from this website, signed by the author.



Title: Performance Measurement: How to Build Indicator Models to Quantify Performance and Minimise Uncertainty

ISBN: 9788409554263

This book provides a formal introduction to performance measurement, encompassing various types of measures, indicators, and their construction. It delves into result and performance indicators, KPIs, composite and synthetic indicators, indicator models, and their visualization. Essential for professionals seeking to understand and apply effective performance measurement strategies.



Title: Indicator Visualisation: Effective Indicator Communication utilizing Reports, Presentations, and Dashboards

Expected Publication: September 2024

Focusing on the effective communication of indicators, this upcoming book covers techniques for analyzing purpose, content, and form. It aligns with the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) and the ISO 24896 standard for semantic notation in business communication. A must-read for professionals involved in data presentation and decision-making processes.



Title: Blind Tasting, Not Blind Guessing. A step-by-step WSET SAT blind tasting methodology

ISBN: 9788409405633

This book presents a detailed methodology for blind wine tasting, suitable for wine lovers and particularly beneficial for candidates preparing for international wine certifications like WSET Level 3 and WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines. It offers practical insights and techniques to enhance the wine tasting experience and expertise.

In addition to these books, Diego Berea regularly hosts workshops on performance measurement and indicator model construction, as well as workshops on visualization techniques for effective communication of quantitative information.

Furthermore, Diego offers conferences and guest lectures at universities on these same topics. He has also authored numerous articles and participated in collaborations across a variety of media platforms, further demonstrating his expertise in both IT service management and wine education.



Diego Berea is a consultant, author, trainer and speaker. He is a computer engineer, the managing partner of Ozona Consulting, and a member of the editorial team for ISO/IEC 20000 in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC40, focusing on Service Management, and for ISO 24896 in ISO TC37, which deals with semantic notation for business communication.


In the realm of wine, he is a trainer and offers services as a wine tasting technique coach. He holds prestigious certifications such as the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines, Weinakademiker, and Italian Wine Scholar, among others.


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